Hello WAR-Store patriots

We got both of these in yesterday

For the AK lovers of the shop,

Krebs Custom, Aresenal slr-107fr, ultimak rail, foldable stock……..badass!!!!! and a great deal.  Originally purchased for 1500 with only 100 rounds through it.

Also for those looking for a sweet deal on a Glock 19, we took in a very lightly used Gen 3…very clean, excellent addition to your go bag, truck gun, etc.

For today, Saturday 8/15 we are clearing out some inventory to make room for other stuff.  We have some backpacks at 50% off.  If you are considering a go bag or just need another pack, these are perfect for it.

10% off off all other packs and hydration systems

10% off High Speed Gear

$75.00 off any new long gun on the wall (excludes 22lr)

$25.00 of any used pistol  in the case

10% off a complete AR 15 rifle build (must purchase all parts)

Now come by some stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!