We got in a bunch of new gear this week as usual so come check us out today.   Here are a few

Brand new AAC 300 blk 16″ complete upper with nickel full auto BCG, knights urx 3.1 rail, and 51t flash hider ready for the can of your choice.  Pure quality, period!!!!  This can be mounted on any 5.56 complete lower and your Pmags take these rounds with no problem.  In other words if you are looking for a nice quiet suppressed round which performs well and don’t want to buy a new complete rifle then come pick this up, hell we will even throw in a box of nice 187 grain Gemtech rounds.    These retail all day for 1000+, however we were able to get some on closeout because they are making a slight change to one of the components so in gun world you know how that goes.  We are selling it for 750.00.   At that price its one of those deals thats hard to pass up and a great addition to your safe!!!!

Also got in the Smith and Wesson M&Pc 9mm with the carbon polymer receiver.  Pretty sweet as a collectible if you are a big S&W fan, but also a very good reliable firearm.

On with the deals for the day.

10% off firearm accessories

10% off HSGI

15% off PC’s/ tactical vests

20% off backpacks, knives, ESS ballistic eyewear

Under Armour sale at 40% off continues

$50 off any new rifle on the wall

$2.00 off any box of ammo

Alright then see your smiling faces later!!!!