Evening War Store Peeps, Preppers, and Patriots. Hope everyone had a great week and if you haven’t been in for a while, stop on by as there have been alot of changes. We have gotten a bunch of new stuff in over the past few weeks and have even rearranged parts of the store to make it more appealing and easier to find stuff. High Speed Gear and Under Armor Tactical will be in within the next month and we are really looking forward to it. We are sure by now you have heard about the ban on Saiga and no distributor of ours has any (shotgun or rifle) The Russian ammo is also getting bought up pretty quickly as we have heard from our gun and ammo distributors and this will probably continue. We still have some AK and Mosin ammo in stock at the moment. We have added quite a bit of other ammo in various calibers and got 40 boxes of 22lr 100/rd winchester super x and 20 boxes Blazer 50/rd 22lr just today. As you know we don’t limit the purchase quantity so it wont last long. We got some new and used guns that are pretty sweet. Check out the pics. The Benelli M3 and AK WASR-10 are used but in great shape. This AK is very accurate, has a MI quad and magpul grips. and both of these belonged to a friend of ours. The Mossy 930 is new, hydro-dipped in Kryptek Typhon, and is simply bad ass. The new 1911 is a Springfield Operator LRP and is a great gun if you are looking for something not everyone else has. We are looking forward to getting in the BCM Recce 5.56 and some other stuff that we had Carey at Hi Caliber Manufacturing hydro dip. Its gonna be sweet. If you want something like this done to your firearm, knife, favorite chair, carpet, walls…you get the point, it can be done. Reminder….the concealed carry class is this Sunday from 10-3:30 with Proactive Shooters. This class is full, however, stay tuned as we will be doing one a month and will post the next date shortly. That’s about it for this evening. As always thanks for the continued support from all of our customers and friends. We appreciate the folks who have let us order their firearms so they could buy from us instead of going elsewhere even if we didn’t have it in stock at the moment. We always said we would be as competitive as possible and so far…..so good!!!!