Just so everyone knows we will be open this weekend Black Friday and Saturday.  We’ve got some super awesome deals coming up for Black Friday on all of our used firearms and some great deals on new stuff.   We are looking to move some inventory and will be posting up our deals on Thursday evening.    Trust us, some of the firearms deals will be something you just cant refuse.  We will have different gear deals going on and that will be posted up as well.  We have limited inventory being a smaller shop so once its gone….its gone.

Some new stuff we got in this week….




The SOC sling is a must have sling and we have sold a lot of them.  Now it comes in a 2 inch shoulder strap for more control.  If you are in need of a sling that is convertible from one point to two point and operates like, but better than a vickers vtac then come check these out.  They are made locally by former military personnel.

The rifle is a M&P 15 with magpul furniture and has about 6-700 rounds through it.  Great price on it.    Also got in a new and still hard to get Sub 2k in S&W mag.

Finally we still got about 70 tickets left for the glock, deltac, and high speed gear raffle.   Its 5 bucks a ticket and you will win a lot of shit.   As most of you know we donate the extra proceeds after the items are paid for to a military or LE charity so consider buying a ticket, you making a donation to a good cause.  If you win…..well hell thats icing on the cake.



Alright folks, stay tuned from tomorrow evening into Thursday evening to see what are deals will be.  Yes….. prices will be listed!!!!!!!!