Good Friday everyone.  Hope everyone had a safe and bountiful turkey day. Wanted to post up some of our deals for this weekend.  We still have quite a few raffle tickets left for our November raffle which will be drawn on Tuesday December 1st.  If you haven’t gotten in on it, its only 5 bucks a tickets and the prizes are guns and optics.  If the wife says you can’t have one though…….we totally understand lol lol.   Even if you don’t win, the dough goes to charity.  Stay tuned for the December raffle. Its gonna be nice with each of the 3 prizes worth over $1000.  Here’s a hint, Daniel Defense, Primary Weapons, Vortex, H&K.

Now here are the weekend deals:

15% off Eberlestock Gear, Knives, and ESS Glasses

10% off Magpul Accessories

$40 off any preowned pistol

$50 off any new rifle