Good late afternoon all….its near the end of War Wednesday but we are in the process as you guys know of bringing in some new and different gear after shot.  So in order to do that we need to move some inventory out of the way.  So we have taken a large portion of the rest of our Under Armour and Propper Inventory and are selling it for 10.00 a piece.  Yep… read that correctly 10 a piece for anything in the table bin thats been discounted.  You won’t find this stuff ever at this price so come get it.  First come first serve, when its gone its gone.   The only stipulation is there are no returns on the clearance stuff.    At this price, noone can refuse to come get something if you know what this stuff normally sells at.

Now on to some nice used items we just took in. We have a preowned ps90 that comes with 7 mags and 1000 rounds of ammo.  If you aren’t familiar with it check it out on fnh website.  Shoots 5.7×28.  Great deal on a super cool gun.  If you get a nice tax return, then you should have this.   We have our Walther firearms in now so come check them out when you get a chance.  Last but not least in this post we have in a preowned but never fired glock 17 gen4, stippled correctly, with a tlr1-s.