We got in some new guns so come check em out.  We have another Hi Caliber Manufacturing special in Sniper Gray.  We had our CMMG AR-15 that was on the wall previously cerakoted by Carey Lewis.  Its a little tough to see the shading in the pictures but it looks bad ass.  In case you guys are interested in doing this, Carey recently got a cerakote clear that goes over hydrodipping to add durability and longevity to the coating.  Also as you can see, we got in the Tavor bullpup.  Already have alot of interest and our price is on it is great.  Its the 16.5 inch version   All it needs is a nice red dot and you are good to go.  If you have been toying with the idea of getting one, wait no more.  If you haven’t held it, come do so.  Also in is a cool little 22lr Beretta arx160 with foldable stock.   Fun shooting gun and great 1st gun for the kids.   This weekend we are running our 15% off of bags and tactical vests and we will continue to do our 1.00 off a box of ammo.  Also since we just got in our first run of Under Armour, we are gonna do 10% off that also.  To get the dollar off ammo you have to mention the post.   We got in another round of 22 but in CCI standard velocity.  Last but not least we have one HK VP9.  If you are an HK fan you need to come check this out.   see you guys this weekend!!!!