Good Afternoon fellow War-Store peeps!!!!  Hope everyone is gettin in some good last minute summertime as we approach the end of August.  Just a reminder to everyone that we are doing the Remington 870 express raffle in the store.  Its only 5 bucks a ticket and well worth the chance to win a new shotgun.  We got a couple new cool items in today.  A lot of plate carrier and vest makers have started making the MOLLE webbing with the laser cut for a lighter more low profile fit when pouches are applied.    We got a few in different colors in the Condor brand.  We have the 5.11 tac tec and it definitely makes a difference but for a more budget carrier the Condor is good.  For all of our AK fans ,  we got in a Century Arms c39 pistol and we have the brace to go with it.    Come check it out!!!!!