We received a consignment item that needs a new home! This is the 5.11 Tac Tec Plate Carrier, its lightly used and in 100% fighting condition. The Tac Tec is one of the most comfortable Vest I have ever tested. Everyone who has tried one of these on has remarked how great the fit and feel is. Now the best part about this is the Ceramic Plates, these are level IV stand alone rated to stop 7.62. The coating on these plates is the RHINO truck bed lining, great for spawling control. These plates alone brand new would run you well over $450 without the Rhino Spawling Protection which will run you another $90. A new Tac Tec carrier is $185 in our shop. This rig set up with the Front and back Shooter cut, Curved and Rhino coateded Ceramic Level IV stand alone protection. Price for the Carrier and Plates $475 that is a savings of well over $250.00. Will not last long because if it does I am taking it home myself.