DSC_0004 DSC_0003 DSC_0002DSC_0001So Eagle came up with a great design a few years ago working with input from different teams in the military. The different teams wanted the ability to scale up their plate carriers and combine loading carrying ability without having additional shoulder straps over their plate carrier. Eagle took the challenge and designed a small lightweight pack that comes with removable shoulder straps and had the scalability requirements. Simply remove the shoulder straps and the pack has MOLLE webbing panel on the back pad to use and directly attach to any other MOLLE platform including the Plate Carrier. Additionally the YOTE pack is made with a built in hydration pocket, a Beavertail that was designed to fit an ACH/MICH Helmet and a pocket sized to carry night vision. TYhere are several other specific design features the pack offers such as the daisy chain running around 50% of the bag that allows unparalleled scalability to a host of platforms and configurations. Weight of this pack is 3 lbs  and as you can see we have attached the YOTE pack to the Lightweight Eagle MBAV plate carrier in Multicam. The MBAV is one of Eagle best selling vest of all time. Its lightweight design combined with comfortable padding and quality construction will be around for a lifetime of use. The vest has pockets for front/ rear and side inserts. Plenty of MOLLE webbing to attach gear a drag handle and map pocket. We have combined these 2 items and are promoting a special price for anyone wishing to purchase the combination. Regular price if you bought these 2 items separately $ 495.00 from now until Christmas Eve we are offering this combo for $425.00. Its an awesome set up and Eagle Gear is guaranteed for life. We still have a lot of specials and discounts going on this month. Stop by and see the specials. We have these YOTE packs and Place carriers from Eagle in several colors. Come try on one of these rigs and you will see why they are worth the money!