When: Sunday Oct 12, 2014 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Where: War-Store shop

Who: Anyone who signs up, limited to 15 people!

We have a few spots remaining for our Go Bag class so sign up now! We are asking anyone interested, to bring their “Go Bag” with them. We also ask please no loaded weapons in your go bag. You are welcome to carry your sidearm loaded! Please limit this to a “Go Bag” not a full bug out kit.

Our go bag has been setup for the following scenario:

You are at work or away from home and for any number of reasons you have to abandon your car and get home on foot. This could happen during a natural disaster, martial law, or any other major disruption to our way of life. Depending upon how far you live from work and a host of environmental factors; what would you carry???

We are not using this class as an excuse to criticize anyone’s gear or load out. We are using this as a learning experience and hopefully all of us will learn something from the others kit! We are planning to allow each person who brings in a kit to have 5 minutes showing us what you carry and if there are any questions, answer them. We will spend some time going through our Go Bag and give you what tips we feel are important when assembling your kit!

We also will have a guest attending from motusworld.com go through an IFAK / Trauma Kit and give you the details on essentials and use of a trauma kit.

This class is free! We hope that anything you may need to fill out or build your kit you will consider us for your needs! We will have a few specials that day on trauma kits and other supplies!

We will be taking a break and ordering a couple pizzas so come hungry and we look forward to learning from your kits and we hope you will learn something from the discussion!

We look forward to seeing you.