Good evening War-Store patriots.  As many of you know today and tomorrow are special days for our military and its veterans.  Today being the Marine Corps’ birthday and tomorrow being Veterans Day.  We thank each and every one of our military men and women who have diligently and w/o hesitation served this country proudly.   Its those folks that have chosen to go head first into battle without knowing the outcome that makes us proud to be Americans.

Over the years, we have watched our country grow into a very powerful nation, that many other countries wouldn’t dare question or even test the limits of our abilities.  Today, unfortunately, the attitudes have changed both outside and inside of our great nation.  We have slowly watched our rights as Americans get trampled on little by little.    We have watched as those who choose to do nothing but live off of our hard earned tax dollars get access to more benefits everyday.   More people are depending on the “handouts”.  Other countries now look at our leadership as a great big joke.  The sad fact is that a lot of great people in all of our previous wars have sacrificed their lives so that the next generations could feel safer and more secure.  Unfortunately we are not so sure about the safe and secure part anymore.  We have watched as our healthcare costs and government subsidies have spun out of  control where it makes absolutely no sense.  We see our core values being pushed aside to make sure “everyone else” feels comfortable or we don’t offend them.   At the end of the day it’s all bullshit.  These are trying times and the one good thing is we get to see folks everyday like yourselves who believe in the same ideals that we do.   We know that if we had to take up arms and defend this nation at any given time, w/o a doubt it would be done and all of our supporters would gladly do the same.

Thank you Veterans, thank you customers, and thank you friends.

Now to business……..

Tomorrow, Veterans Day, we will be doing 10% off your entire purchase except for guns and ammo for all customers.  For our vets, we will give 15% off of your entire purchase except for guns and ammo.

Take $50 off any rifle on the wall and $25 off any shotgun or handgun

See you guys tomorrow!!!!!