Last 2 days for buying Raffle Tickets for the Remington 870 Express we will draw the winner Wednesday at 12:30 pm!


Ok so had a few people ask if we would get any 4 Piece Modular Sleep System back in stock. Well I have a few very LIMITED but brand new in the sealed plastic bag. These will NOT last long, the last time we sold out of them in less than a week. So if you need or think you may ever need the BEST sleep system ever designed well what are you waiting for. I can promise you that this is the last shipment I will get at least for the next 6 months and maybe the last in this condition I will ever get.


Ok so we also got a new batch of High Speed Gear in today. We ordered some of the Grey color which is new to us. More importantly we got the New version of the AO Small Chest rig, It now has a hook & loop panel on the back so you can easily attach to a Plate Carrier like Mayflower and several other brands. Come check it out! We also received som Grey Riggers Belts from HSGI!


Tac Tec Plate Carriers from 5.11 Tactical in Black and Tan are back in Stock, as many of you know we are pointing anyone in the market for a Plate Carrier to at least try the Tac Tec vest because it is unbelievably comfortable we have sold several and if you have not tried one, well you do not know What you Missing!

So if you have not figured it out this is Jason, Mark usually takes the duty of Facebook but I thought I would jump in and remind everyone that with all the uncertainty in the World and the threats against us right here at home, if you do not have at least a few days of emergency food rations then your living in an alternate universe. If you think nothing bad enough will ever happen, well history has already proven that theory wrong. We have got in some emergency food and provisions by Wise and military MRE’s.  We have some single meals and samples for a few bucks you can take a sample home and give it a try. Guys its like a condom, you would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!


We still have some openings for our Go Bag / Bug out kits class Oct 12. As previously posted this is FREE, and will be more of a round table discussion plus we will have an Army EMT here to go through a Blowout kit telling you what and how to use it! So for those who are at least interested in learning about the Blow out kit sign up. I guarantee everyone will learn something and if I am wrong you get your money back! How could you lose!


Ok so last item I want to share is the Bulldog Vault, It looks like a Dictionary and is a great little place to stow and extra gun, money or valuables! With combination lock so it is secure from children! Plus your wife will be happy your bringing home what appears to be a useful reource guide!