CCI 22 LR ammo now in! Awesome new inexpensive Shotgun now in stock! Colt M2012 Competition ready to shoot! Mortar Ammo Cans now in stock! DE 44 in!



Come in and check out all the new items we have in stock! All kinds of of new gear has come through our door in the last week. From new Packs to medical supplies and everything in between. Don’t forget our raffle this month, thanks to everyone who participated the last 2 months we have donated $475 to charities to help our troops and their families. This month we will find a local charity to support. So you are not just entering to win a firearm, your helping us to raise money for worthy causes. The prize this month is awesome check our previous Blog to see what is included.

We will be having a hige sale this weekend so keep an eye out for our post tomorrow!