Just got this in yesterday.  Very hard to find edition of the ruger 22 45.  It does have a rail up top and since we are currently out of stock on the RMR we decided that it could in fact be run with a Eotech 512.  Think its too much?  Great pistol if you are looking for ruger 22 reliability, threaded barrel for your can as well.


Also getting in more of our very popular SOC sling made by retired special forces.  Very cool sling if you haven’t seen it, but now they are adding different patterns to the mix.  These slings are convertible from a 2 point to a 2 point and back when necessary.  They are made in a 1 inch strap and 2 inch strap for the shoulder.   Excellent sling to hold your rifle where you want it.  Yep there are alot of options out here for slings but these are e

Next up we were able to pick up a couple of these fine Phrobis III M9 military issue Bayonets.   These are brand new and are designed as just a great knife for survival or bugout but also used on the bayonet lug as you can see if your rifle happens to have one.   These are gen 4 for those that are wondering.  Come get your hands on one of these if you haven’t seen or held it .