sig 226 290

Good Evening Fellow War-Store Patriots.

Got some great new gear and used and new firearms in this week.   Lets start with our weekend deals…..Tomorrow and Saturday we will do 20% off knives and backpacks.  Take 10% on all HSGI gear and Daniel Defense.  Take 15% off all chest rigs including Plate Carriers.   In addition to our used firearm prices, take an extra $50.00 off any used pistol and $25 off any new pistol.  Special deal on the Sig p226 Extreme in 9 and 40 —take 75.00 off either caliber and the P290 in 9mm take  50 off .   If you have been in the shop you know we have great deals on previously owned firearms whether they have been shot or not.

Don’t forget, there is still time to enter the raffle for the Glock 17 cerakoted w/ all HSGI gear and Deltac Concepts holster.  Total value of the raffle around $1000.  Who can’t afford $5.00 to possibly win a great firearm with great gear. If you didn’t know what was in the auction take a look at the picture and see what a cool deal this is.

Used Firearms this week

Ruger LCP .380 -unfired w/ CT laser

Sig p229 .40 cal unfired

Sig 238 .380 very light use

Daniel Defense DDM4 V5 with Leupold Mark AR MOD1 1.5-4×20 (all DD furniture)–awesome price and all around badass rifle!!!! we can even give you the handload mix that was used to make this a nice 400 yard shooter.  With this rifle you wouldn’t need to add anything else except your eye behind the glass!!!

Just got in Lantac Muzzle Brakes last week and sold out of the first batch.  New batch in today right in time for the weekend.    Yep there are a lot of brakes out there but do yourself a favor and check out the reviews on it.  Its an awesome brake and well worth the money.

Also pictured is the new Condor Cyclone Plate Carrier made completely in the US and with true multicam pattern.  They have stepped up their game in tac gear world and definitely worth a look.  Also got in a some other new chest rigs by Condor and some new backpacks.  We’ve only pictured a few things.  Come on by tomorrow and/or Saturday and check some of the new stuff out.  Great time to start your Christmas shopping and if you don’t know already, we do offer Gift Certificates.