Good afternoon everyone.  As many of you know we have had great success with our newest sniper class and are going to be offering our 3rd class on May 31st 2015.   It is a great class and you will get a lot out of it if you intend on shooting long range or learning how to improve your current skills.   We have 9 spots left for this one so if you want to take it come up to the shop and pay for it and you are in.    We are adding a couple of carbine classes in May which will be actual shooting at a range.   The dates will be 17th and 24th of May.  Details will follow shortly so keep checking back.  It will also be taught by the same special forces instructor that teaches our sniper class.  If you haven’t been in the shop in a bit and haven’t had the opportunity to meet him,  please come by and do so.  If you are interested in speaking with him, he will be at the shop working the next few days.