Good Evening everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend and got a chance to pull some trigger. We have been talking about Nick from Deltac Concepts and his quality built holsters a lot lately.

So far since we have become a retailer for him, we have had a number of our customers come by the shop and pick up his stuff. We have a bunch of orders being delivered by him at 4:00pm tomorrow. Plain and simple his kydex is properly made and won’t ever let you down. Yep, there’s alot of Kydex available out there and we know this, but the reality is a lot of the stuff is made cheaply and doesn’t employ alot of the same features that Deltac uses in their holsters. Not many folks that make Kydex can say they have been picked up by certain tac departments of very large PD’s. If you are looking for an OWB, IWB, low bulk trigger guard cover like I use ,a knife sheath, or a even a custom mounted kydex design that you can attach to your vehicle….Nick is the man!!!! He makes excellent mag carriers as well that are fully modular for all platforms and mounting options.

He will be by at 4:00pm tomorrow and will be hanging out for a while to answer any questions you may have or if you are looking to order something. We did this so most of you would be off work and could make it by. We are open til 6:30 as most of you know. Bring your smiling face and buy a damn holster. He’s local and its made right around the corner