War-Store has been on a mission to find Medical Kits and the search is over. We are very proud to announce  we are dealers for Phokus Research makers  Truama, IFAK / Blowout Kits!  We received 2 versions of the Trauma kits today. The First Version the Deployment Trauma Kit II, designed to fit behind your ballistic plate or inserts in your Plate Carrier. Less than 1/2″ thick so easily concealed and rapidly deployed. This is the most innovative trauma kit we have seen yet. We are waiting for a few more kits to come in, best part of working with Phokus so far is they are willing to customize the kits to our specific needs or yours.

Deployment Trauma Kit II Includes:

Combat Gauze

NPA w/ 550

14G Needle

2    Occlusive Dressing

Casualty Card

2      4″ Z Fold Gauze

2      2″ Safety Pins

3″ elastic Bandage

Nitrile Gloves

Sharpie Marker

All items are sealed in one clear heavy plastic bag with a easy to deploy rip away tab.