Hey everyone we are back and open for business.  Shot Show was absolutely positively off the hook as it always has been.  It was definitely sensory overload but being around that much gear and guns would do that to anybody.  We are happy to announce that we picked up a number of new vendors and some really cool products.  Lots of new product coming in over the next few weeks so stay tuned to our website blog, facebook, and instagram for all the updates.

We will now be direct dealers for:


Mega Arms

Talon Grips

UTG Pro / Leapers

Daniel Defense


SRM Arms

Stag Arms

AR500 Armor

Walther Arms

JP Manufacturing


We are working on a few others but can’t mention them until we get notification

Also we are working on our Class 3 so hopefully that will happen soon…..yes NFA toys.

Thanks again to all of our customers for keeping us in business and supporting the cause.   We still have some tickets left in our raffle which will be drawn on Feb 9th so don’t forget to grab one when your in.  And no your wife is not gonna kill you for spending 5 dollars, and no your wife isn’t gonna kill you for bringing home one more gun you got for 5 bucks.  Pull out your damn man card and throw it away if thats your excuse.

Anyhow we are looking forward to an exciting year and meeting plenty of new faces.  Thanks to all of the regulars for constantly handing out our business cards and telling friends about us.  But when they come in you gotta tell them to name drop so we know who the hell to thank.  See you guys next week.