Many of you have spoken with us about holding a round table discussion about Go Bags and Bug Out Kits.  We we are ready to have our first meeting to discuss kits and scenarios for building your kits!  This is a free seminar limited to 15 spots free of charge. The date is Sunday October 12 1:30-3:30. Come by to sign up in person only. Seminar will include scenarios and go bags our staff assembled and or uses in their personal collection. We are allowing participants to bring in there go bags we will give you a few minutes to go through it and show us what your carrying. At the end of the discussion we hope that everyone will learn something the what and why of a go bag you should keep in your car, we will also touch on Bug Out kits which is a discussion for another time. So come learn, share and discuss knowledge! We are also trying to get a special guest to come in and go over a IFAK / Blowout kits you may own one but do you really know what and how to deploy and use it? So this is the first of what we hope will be a once a month seminar on various topics and guest speakers hopefully will be scheduled at various times and we will announce them as they are confirmed. Some of these seminars will be free some will be a minimal charge to cover expenses!

In preparation for this post we put together a sample go bag with all you see yes that’s a SUB 2000 but this bag has Rifle, Pistol,265 rounds of ammo, magazines, IFAK kit, Surgical kit, emergency food, emergency water…… you get the point total weight for this bag 25 lbs.  This is not the rule for go bags this is just what we put together for the Blog, but you can see its simple light and has a very ample firepower and the the pack is a sling pack that has a less intimidating look to it. So hope to see a few of you preppers come in and sign up.