IFAK kits

Alright everyone its gonna be nice tomorrow so I’m sure most of you will get out and do some trigger pulling.  The gun show is in town but you have all been there already anyway so come by War-Store with your friends who haven’t been in the shop ever.  So after you go shooting and hit the gun show, come by the damn shop.     One of the deals for tomorrow is 25% off of all Under Armour stuff.  Yes a lot of you have bought the boots and love them however check out their apparel as it is getting colder now.  We have the conceal carry sweatshirts and tactical pullovers that are perfect for the “non-tactical but practical” look.    As we are still in uncertain times, the necessity for a blowout / IFAK type kit is greater now than ever.  Don’t wait until its too late to put something in your edc or long term bugout kit.  As many of you guys know we are carrying PHOKUS research med kits.  Tomorrow we are offering 15% off of all PHOKUS kits as well as prepper / survival foods.   We are gonna do $25 off of any pistol and $50 off any rifle.  Knives are 15% off also.  Just another reminder about the CMMG AR-15 raffle we got going.  There are only 6 days left and we have sold under 200 of the 250 tickets available.  C’mon who can’t spend $5 for a chance to win a $1200 gun.