Good Day to all of our fellow WAR-Store Patriots.  Just a quick note today with some deals.  With all of the uncertainty looming everywhere we are doing 10% off Go Bag / Medical / Prepper items.  This includes Backpacks, wise survival food, MRE’s, and medical gear (bandage, tourney, etc).  If you haven’t seen the blow out kits by Phokus, you should check those out.  Its a complete kit for your go bag that contains all necessary items for an emergency trauma situation. Got in the wise complete survival bag so check out the pics.   It comes will all necessary items to survive any situation with only you needing to add your own stuff.   We want everyone to be prepared just in case and this is truly what we are in business for.  You have seen the videos on you tube as well as facebook posts of the terror groups around the world killing innocent random people in various places.    Its got to stop and it ends on our turf….period!!!  If the true American Patriots don’t do something, noone else will.

We are also doing a 1.00 off any box of ammo with no limit on purchase quantity if you mention this post.   Let us know if you need bulk ammo, we can save you some money over buying online.   We have a few used firearms in our mix and today will offer 40 bucks off any used firearm as well as 40 bucks off any rifle on the wall.   With our current prices you guys know that this is a deal.  Its a beautiful day and we are sure most of you will be out enjoying it, however stop by your favorite tactical gear shop and say hi and pick up something……we got pups to feed!!!!    Gear up, mags loaded, and keep your eyes on the sky.