Good Evening War-Store followers.  We got some new products in today.  We are going to be getting some Maxpedition items in over the next couple of months and started off with one of the sling bags they make.  We also got in some tactical pens.  One of them has a hidden handcuff key for unlawful detainment and the other has a glass breaker in it.  They are made by UZI and are relatively inexpensive but certainly an item to add to your kit.  We have a Smith and Wesson version 2 tac pen in also.  We got in a nice kershaw diver knife, a few 5.11 med pouches, some fire starters, and some entrenching tools.  The e tool is also good to add to your bug out kit.

As we mentioned previously to some of you we will be doing a bug out kit discussion at some point one evening in the future.  Basically it will be a round table type meeting to discuss what gear you have or should have based on different opinions.  We have given and have been given a lot of good info on this subject and thought it would be interesting to meet up one evening at the shop and share some content.   Also just so you guys know we will be open on Saturday but will close on Monday for Labor Day.  We are still running our 20% of Under Armour and are adding 20% off of all of our Ballistic ESS eye wear through Saturday

We have gotten some entries for the shotgun giveaway  but currently haven’t had that many people buy a ticket.  All this means is your odds of winning are a hell of a lot better.  Whats 5 bucks for a Remington 870.  For the rest of this week mention this post and get 10% off of anything except for firearms and ammo.   Ammo this week is still 1.00 off per box.  If you are looking for a new gun that we have in stock, let us know and we will try and work you a good deal.

See you soon!!!!