Good Evening Everyone.   We have a couple of really good deals on some rifles from tomorrow through Saturday.  The catch is you have to mention this post when you come in to get the price.

Beretta CX4 Storm is new, chambered in .40 cal —– $699

UTAS UTS-15 is new, 12 GA bullpup, holds 15 rd 2 3/4—–$999

New Springfield Operator 1911 with rail or New Sig Scorpion 1911 with rail—Take 100.00 of either pistol

Used Benelli M3 Convertible 12 GA shotgun—$749.00

Used Spikes Lower AR 5.56 build —$500.00 includes 2 new magpul mags and 3 boxes 5.56 xtac ammo

These are great deals no matter where you look online at other dealer sites.