Good evening and hope everyone had a filling Thanksgiving and if you were watching football hopefully your team didn’t suck.  First wanted to say that we are thankful to all of our service men and women who protect our freedom daily and especially those that couldn’t be home with their family today.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for some good deals on gear and guns.  In addition to the following deals we will also take a 1.00 off every box of ammo.  Also don’t forget to pick up your raffle ticket or 10 as there are a lot left and the drawing will be Monday Dec 1.  You may know already but if you don’t we sell Gift Certificates.  If you aren’t sure what to get…..the gift certificate is always a safe play at a gun and gear store.  So……without further adieu, here are your deals on gear…………

Take 10% off:

-Ballistic Steel Plate Set

-High Speed Gear (all vests and pouches)

Take 25% off:

Emergency Food and Water, Gun Cruiser Cases, Range and Rifle Bags, Chest Rigs, Level IIIA Ballistic Helmets and regular headwear, Backpacks and Sling Bags, and Medical Kits and Supplies

Take 30% off:

Flashlights, All knives, Tents and sleep systems, Propper Apparel, MOLLE pouches (excludes HSGI),

Take 40% off:

All Under Armour, Hydration Systems and accessories

Finally take 25% off of Eagle Industries Gear.  We got in some new pieces of Eagle as well as the Marpat Yote which was made specifically for WAR Store by eagle with an independent NSN.  Eagle normally does not make Marpat Pattern items.  This was a limited production run and you literally will not see these anywhere else in the world unless we sold it to them.    If you see them on EBay its because we are selling them.  Get your hands on a piece of gear that will be limited to what we have.

No two offers can be combined.


Next Post…..The Gun Deals