Good Evening Fellow War-Store Patriots.  As a standard courtesy we would like to take a second to thank everyone who comes in and supports the business.   We appreciate all of you for telling your family and friends and helping to make this business successful.  Our radio ads have driven new people into the shop for many different reasons and its been great meeting and getting to know all the new faces.  As you all know the current possible ban on 855 ammo has been all the buzz and everyone is seeing the supply’s of all 556 starting to become more scarce.   We will continue to have regular 55 gr 556 as all 855 556 has been sold out for over a week now and we didn’t even get in what we were expecting either.  Either way as long as we have it we will do our best to be as fair as we can pricewise as long as our distributors don’t raise prices.   Also we are getting in more body armor in the next couple of weeks so if you want it let us know as it sells fast.

The sniper rifle class that we have coming up on the 29th of March has been filled up and we are now looking to do a second one once we get a confirmed date for it.  Our space is limited so if you want in on the next one let us know once we post a date.

The concealed carry class slated for March 15 still has some space in it so come sign up if you want to take it.  It is taught by Jim Reynolds of Proactive shooters and cost 69 dollars.  All of our classes will provide you with an opportunity to have lessons with the instructors on the range.  You will need to inquire of the instructors during the class for that info.

As many of you know we are now Aimpoint and Vortex dealers.  We are going to be putting in our first Vortex order by the end of next week.  If you are looking to get a Vortex optic come by and preorder it for a good deal.  We have gotten in our Eberlestock backpack first order and man…this stuff is awesome.  If you haven’t seen or read about it, do yourself a favor and research it.  Its extremely modular and has some super cool features you just don’t see in packs at this price range.  Cmon by and try it on, you will likely leave with it.

As a reminder we still have some tickets left for our March raffle which are going quickly since we have been advertising on AM1140.  1st prize –IWI tavor 5.56, 2nd prize–Beretta CX4 storm, 3rd prize–Aimpoint Pro Optic.  Tickets are 10 bucks and all proceeds over the prize amounts, go to charity.  In case you missed it the December/January raffle proceeds went to Fisher House.   The raffle prizes do not include the new Oversized Glock 96 pictured above the tavor.

We got in a few good used firearms this week in addition to the new Walther CCP and SCCY CPX-1.  The sccy is a great made in the usa concealed carry gun with a safety.  Its very reasonably priced and has been rated very well.  The CCP (concealed carry pistol) is the newest model by Walther and has been long anticipated.  A great gun that feels exactly how you would expect it to and with a single stack mag just hides away.  We picked up a used LC380 that comes with a few mags and has been fired very little.  Also got a Howa model 1500 chambered in 270 win.  It comes with a Leup VX-1 3-9×50 up top.  Excellent used rifle, it is the one in the middle of the picture but a new VTR in coyote is good too.   Also we got in another load of surplus but excellent condition ammo cans.

Finally we have the deals for War-Store Wednesday……….

Buy a Walther Pistol and take $30 off plus 1 free box of FMJ ammo

$25 dollars off any other new pistol

$50 off any new long gun on the wall.

$100 off Sig Scorpion 1911, Springfield Operator 1911, SRM Arms 1216 shotgun

$300 off Colt 2012 .308  w Leu Mark IV and bipod

20% off knives, backpacks (exc eberlestock), molle pouches (exc hsg), and plate carriers

10% off High Speed Gear and firearm accessories


We know your tax returns are coming in so get your butts in here and spend some money.  We got dogs to feed.