So Hi Caliber has brought us another creation and it’s NASTY!   The guys at Hi Caliber have done some awesome designs for us but this by far is THE BEST design we have seen on any KSG.  They went beyond awesome and yes it has that Star Wars stormtrooper appeal.  We worked with Carey and gave him the basics but asked him to do what he felt would take this KSG to the next level. He delivered that next level and then some. You have to see this gun in person to really grasp how badass it is!  The first picture was done by his photographer after he finished it so props to him for taking a hell of a shot.

Not sure if we are selling this KSG and it may become my personal CQB weapon of choice, but we have KSG’s in stock and Carey will work with us to create a piece of art to be envied by all your friends no matter what gun you own or want! It’s the ultimate in weaponry…. express your personal style by having your weapon customized by Cerakote or Hydro Dipping!

We would like think we are on the cutting edge, keeping several custom firearms in stock at all times so you can walk out with a 1 of a kind firearm. We do not always have the biggest selection but we are adding more every chance we get! Come check out what we have and remember your only limited by your imagination!  As always, we appreciate everyone continuing to spread the word about our little shop and for supporting our business on a regular basis.   We often say it but truly come by hang out, we set up a free gun cleaning station so you can relax and be a part of our business and become friends with Mark, Thomas, and myself!   And of course we always play new and different classics on the TV all the time.